Seminar Series:

2007 seminar by Fr. Thomas H. Green S.J. & Rev Dr. Gordon Smith

  1. Called to Discernment: Ignatius, Wesley and the challenge of our Christian spiritual heritage by Rev. Smith
  2. The Spiritual Director as a Co-Discerner by Fr. Green
  3. The Directee as the Primary Discerner by Fr. Green
  4. An Evangelical Commentary on the Rules of Discernment by Rev. Smith

2008 seminars (available after May 3, 2008)

Directing the Pray-er in Dry Well by Fr. Thomas H. Green, S. J.

  1. Stages of Growth in the Prayer Life vis a vis Spiritual Direction
  2. Recognizing the Pray-er in the Dry Well / Dark Night
  3. Directing a Person in the Dry Well

Stages of Growth in Prayer: The Analogy of Human Love by Fr. Thomas H. Green S.J.

  1. Stages of Growth in Prayer
  2. When the Well Runs Dry
  3. Floating in the Sea of God’s Love

Other talks by Fr. Thomas H. Green S.J.:

  • The Spiritual Exercises in our Lives (3 sessions)
  • The Common Sense of God (1 session)
  • Prayer as Life and Growth (3 sessions)
  • Patterns of Growth in Prayer (2 sessions)
  • From Knowing to Loving (1 session)
  • To Be a Discerning Person (3 sessions)
  • Ignatian Prayer in the Marketplace (2 sessions)

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