Welcome to Open Hearts Open Minds

We believe that prayer is life and our lifeline to God. We are committed to encouraging individuals to grow in intimacy with God through a deeper prayer life. No single Christian denomination holds all the answers to our deepest spiritual questions. God’s immense riches are spread across different faith traditions down through the ages. We have much to learn from one another. Therefore we have taken a decidedly ecumenical approach in providing opportunities for individuals at the grassroot level to come together and encourage one another as we journey into the heart of God.

In recent years, Open Hearts Open Minds organized whole-day seminars focused primarily on the topic of prayer and spiritual direction. Our goal is to seek out resource persons who can speak to these topics not just with their words but with their lives. In 2006, the seminar on the theme “Discernment and Contemplation in the Spiritual Journey” attracted over 400 people belonging to 14 different Christian denominations. Feedback received from over half of the attendees was extremely encouraging and clearly highlighted a need for more seminars of this type to continue the dialogue. This event was followed by another whole-day seminar in 2007 entitled “Discernment, Vocation and Spiritual Direction,”once again bringing together a Roman Catholic priest and an evangelical pastor/professor -- each sharing the richness of his denominational perspective and finding convergence at the very heart of prayer.

It is our hope and prayer that all the people of God will one day unite as one in Christ. We believe with all our heart that the Kingdom of God has no walls. The heart of Jesus has no division. God’s love reaches out to embrace us all!